New to the Business

A GOOD agent will like an accurate, detailed report. If an agent complains about the facts, let them use the cheap soft guy and don’t bother trying to get their business.

"An agent should use 2 or 3 guys so that way if they can show they are not in cahoots with the inspectors".

Whats the difference if they have one or three soft inspectors?


I never have understood why the buyer would use someone that the person making the commission recommends.

Amen to the Amen
Mike— I can see it now— you on a bill board off I-95 standing next to your truck and ladders with a quote to the world: " Why would you let the fox watch the hen house" ?

If you do that…let me know how it works out it’s something I always wanted to do but could not muster the balls to pull off…:mrgreen: LOL