New to the Business

I am new to the business, I’ve been a member since 12/09 but havn’t started to do any inspections can anyone give me advise on the best way to get my name out. Does anyone hire employees? It seems that their are more HI’s in my area than their are lawyers. I am in East Central FL. I have been reading the post and find most of them very informative. Thank You.

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Hi and welcome, please adjust your settings to display your location. east central is a wide swath of area.

I would start with joining Space Coast Area Realtors as an Affiliate. Get active with their affiliate program. Visit offices, shake hands and kiss babies.

I hope that helps.

What is your background?

I am a construction surveyor of 15 years but also have a background as a framer/roofer and sheet rock hanger.

Be careful. That sounds more like a contractor than a home inspector.

Michael - Welcome
You will find two types of people on the message board - those that feel that new inspectors have no place in the industry and those that will try to help you. Both have valid points regarding newbies. I would refrain from mentioning any background related to construction in your post unless you are prepared for some negative feedback - there is some bad blood between contractors and inspectors. The old school inspectors feel that contractors are invading their field of inspection - and it is a valid complaint -There are many inspectors that are contractors — My best advice to you, considering your background, is to take as many of the free InterNACHI courses as possible - You cannot jump into this field without proper training and expect to be succesful… take atvantage of the education and frequently visit and read the message boards - it is the best way to learn - dont be afraid to post your questions even though some may try to make you feel incompetent ---- there are many that will come to your aide. You will sort out who is who in a short time — Hope that helps – now go take a course.

Thanks for the headsup Dennis.

Michael…education is just a part of it. There are a ton of damn near inspection Genius’s that have ZERO work. This profession is a tough one. You have to be a marketer, entrepreneur, technical guru, technically proficient and be able to convey your message is a clear concise manner with enough technical jargon so they know you are proficient and yet use words all can understand.

Welcome to the zoo…and get involved any way you can…just think you are only 1000 inspections away from a possible CMI designation!

Russell’s comments are right on the money. I know many very good and highly technically skilled inspectors who are starving. I also know some inspectors with exceptional sales and marketing skills and little technical skills that are doing well in this current economic environment. To be truly successful in the “Professional” home inspection business, you will need all the skill sets that Russell lists. It appears that your area in Florida has had extreme downward pressure on pricing due to the glut of inspectors in your area. It will be difficult to make a living there unless you possess all the skills noted above. Even then it will be difficult -but worth the effort. Good luck.

Hey, I resemble those remarks!:wink:

Steve and Russ are 100% right… You might even say they hit the NAIL right on the head!:mrgreen:

I do expect that by the middle of next year in some areas of Florida we will see an escalation in price wars with inspectors racing each other to the magic $99 inspection. But then again who knows, the state could suddenly end the the wind mitigation program leaving many inspectors who backdoored our profession without a pot to piss in.

Hang on to your hat, we may end up miles from here. :smiley:

It is already happening. The majority of my competitors are quoting 50% less than my quotes. Yesterday I have to reduce a quote (denied) from $825.00 to $500.00 just to get the job and help the client. She denied my first quote and higher a mediocre check list type of inspector. When I knew that she has higher this idiot I call her and straight her out. So now we are on board. If you cannot make a living in the home inspection businesses go and get a job elsewhere. Maybe you were not cut for this type of business. But do not ruin the industry by giving away inspection at below the market can beard. No one should be making any inspection for less than $335.00 and that is if the house is below 2,000sq-ft “UNDER ROOF” not heated and cool.

John I understand your frustration. But Me personally (WOULD NEVER REDUCE A PRICE that much). Thats just ME…But to reduce price this dramatically gives justification to those idiots, makes it seem you were never worth the $825 and now Realtors know they can screw ya.

Its your business, see it as you may and do as you like. I just know a small discount MAYBE, but a 30%-40% discount is crazy in my opinion.

Bring coffe and donuts to real estate offices. They love to eat and will remember you.

Sold an inspection on Thursday in Sun City on a 2-Bed Condo for $550 because I was the only one who didn’t know the realtor, go figure. :wink:

Don’t tell people you are new unless they ask, since you don’t want to lie. If your not getting work ask friends and family to do a free mock inspection on their home. This gives you some experience and helps you work out your routine. Then if people ask you how many inspections you have done then at least you can say 10 and not 1. Some is better than none. If you know someone who does inspections already see if they can take a look at your report and give you tips. Don’t site codes and don’t expect an old house to be up to date. Take as many courses you can, the ones on here are free. Then you can market yourself as having the newest training. You can market to Realtors. Around here many work from home and are rarely in the office. But dropping of cards is good. Have a decent web site. If you talk to the Realtor and they tell you they have a guy they use ask them how many guys do you use. If they tell you one. Tell them if they want to reduce their liability call you. An agent should use 2 or 3 guys so that way if they can show they are not in cahoots with the inspectors. The $99 guy will get them sued eventually. Realtors make suggestions but the buyer should be the one making the choice. Market to them. Tell them they get what they pay for and you don’t want the cheap guy looking over their place. A few hundred bucks can save them thousands.

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Good ideas Robert…

Good advise Rob!

It’s amazing how business can snow ball when getting experience with the first inspections to friends, family and neighbors.

Agents like chocolate.

and very soft reports.

Which I refuse to give.