New video about CFLs

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They suck and almost everybody hates them.
Government forces us to have poison filled mercury in our trash.

LED will replace these terrible things in the near future.

they are fragile , break very easily and leave a mercury spill in your home when You break one. Given this, the ugly color light and and initial cost I’d rather light a candle…

oh but the video was just great Ben…

Most homeowners don’t understand the ROI on investing energy-efficient bulbs (regardless of whether they’re CFLs or LEDs).

That’s the goal of the video, which is in the Lighting section of the Home Energy Report™. Check out a sample report at

Ben, the video and sample report were both nicely done. Im just not and never will be a CFL fan. I truly believe that will be very short lived technology that we will look back on one day and say …what were they thinking…just my opinion, don’t take it personally…very nice work on the video and report though…Jim

Agreed. We’ve got a nice LED video coming out soon. And also a video about how maintaining your HVAC system helps saves energy.

The Home Energy Book, included with every Home Energy Report, talks about both technologies.
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Every bulb in my house is CFL. I break them occasionally. Its not a big deal.

So you have injested Mercury…ah ha!:mrgreen:

oh no…

Doesn’t mercury cause brain damage;-)

Look up the term “Mad as a hat’er”

Here’s a true story with my client:

Why, Did you break some CFL’s Mike? :):smiley:

Not me.

But I’m sure you must have.:shock:

Nope! Never Did.


It’s OK Marcel.

Must have been some other reason.:wink:

Every client that I do inspections for gets information about CFL’s; good and bad. I only suggest tha they be used for small lamps only.

I hear what you guys are saying and agree for the most part, but have you thought about the tube fluorescent bulbs that are the majority in most office buildings and department stores? Pre 1988, a 4 ft. tube contained 45 mg. of mercury. Post 1988, they still contain 12 mg. A CFL bulb contains 4-5 mg. I look forward to their demise and hopeful replacement by something much more friendly.

@ peter bennett.

So in a nut shell the scary story was this: he broke a cfl, left it for two days, got worried, found some research that scared him more, then cleaned up the broken bulb?

To be honest that isn’t very scary–who leaves broken glass in a house for 2 days with kids around? CFL or otherwise? I thought he was going to say, they had to take someone to the hospital or he did readings and they were off the charts or something–just sounds like a lazy homeowner to me…just my .02$

A short video about LEDs, CFLs, and Lumens is in Chapter 19 “Lighting” of the free Home Energy eBook.

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