New video on wind mitigation inspection in Florida being added to our online course

This new, short training video on performing wind mitigation inspection in Florida is being added to InterNACHI’s free, online How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections Course, which is currently being updated with new content.

Thanks, Dennis Bonner. Great video. InterNACHI’s Michelle Thakur and Marshall Burgtorf filmed, edited and produced the video.

Watch the new video at

I’m in charge of producing the new videos that we’re embedding into the course. And I realized that I had to take the online course to develop my understanding in the subject matter in order to truly improve the instructional materials. I really hope it comes through in our videos. I’m learning a ton about home inspecting and can’t wait to produce content that will help round out our classes.

They should be great!


Very good! I enjoyed it.