New Washington State continuing education requirement.

Washington state now requires special certificates of completion be turned in for home inspector CE renewal starting 2012. In order to receive state credit hours, you must now download the specific WA state certificate at the end of each InterNACHI course you complete.

You can download these certificates from the final exam page of each course or from your education log here:

For a list of Washington State-approve home inspection courses, visit:

Nothing has really changed. It is just that some certificates did not include certain information needed by the State. When I sent mine in for my August renewal, (100 % NACHI CE’s) there were no issues with any of the NACHI certificates. Anytime the certificates, regardless of who issued them, have an issue, the State would contact the CE provider for a proper certificate.

It is great that NACHI and the staff stay ahead of this stuff but it may have been just one or two classes/certs that had an issue.