New York Approves Free, Online, Live Class "10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection"

New York Division of Licensing has approved InterNACHI’s free, online “10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection Class” for 2 hours of Continuing Education for NY-licensed home inspectors.

Tue, Oct 25, 2016 12:00 AM - 2:30 PM EDT

To register for the free, online class, please visit (and scroll down that page).

The class approval letter from NY and the original application documents submitted to the state are available on

10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection Class is:

  • free;
  • online;
  • live; and
  • interactive.

The class instructor is located in Boulder, Colorado, and the students may be located anywhere in the world–online.

Class is limited to 10 students.

This is huge! Another first for the inspection industry thanks to InterNACHI!!!

Awesome! Great job!

9 seats left.

8 seats…i’m in

7 seats left.

Amazing that NY approved anything. I am in!

6 seats left.

I’m registered. Thank you, the things NACHI gets done for us is never ending! Hopefully we’ll get to a point where all or at least most of our NY req’ CE can be done online.

5 seats left.

4 seats left.

3 seats left.