New York CE Approved Residential Plumbing Training at InterNACHI's Pennsylvania House of Horrors on May 16, 2024

Join us for the Residential Plumbing Training at InterNACHI’s Pennsylvania House of Horrors on May 16, 2024.

Certified Professional Inspectors who complete this training will be considered an InterNACHI® Certified Plumbing Inspector.

​NYS licensed inspectors will receive 8 hours towards their state-required continuing education. ​Approval # L2882-08.​

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During this class you’ll learn how perform an inspection of the plumbing system of a home. It includes a review of leaks, inadequate water supplies, water contamination, and incorrect installations of components. You’ll inspect the various components of the plumbing system within the House of Horrors; identify the components of the plumbing system; and learn how to describe these defects to clients.

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