News for California InterNACHI members about Solar Panels.

News for California Home Inspectors: California Energy Commission Adopts Solar PV Requirements for New Construction in 2020 - InterNACHI

Yes, I posted about this a week ago. This is inspector related imo.

So was my other post that got flagged as spam. It had even more relevant and pertinent information regarding building science, and it was removed.

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This is the 3rd thread on this topic.

The article has some good information, including references. Good to hear that Inter NACHI education will be coordinating with CA to directly source class material.

Please excuse the above reply, imo it was not fair that a post was taken down by the MB resident troll; I was going to add relevant material to that post.

Solar PV is predicted to have significant efficiency gains and lowered production costs.
Early 2020’s it should have a levelized lower cost per M Watt than natural gas, so the regulators timeline is forward looking.

We have to formalize some information for consumers to find. Remember, there are only 30,000 inspectors in North America, but InterNACHI’s website has 27 million unique visitors. Each of our articles and press releases has our FIND AN INSPECTOR icon/link at the bottom which is how we generate so much traffic to our members’ websites: InterNACHI Inspection Leads - InterNACHI

I get it. You want the SEO.

I get a ton of phone calls based on this one bog article:
Solar Panel Inspections during a Home Inspection - IM Home Inspection

Though many call me too late: They call after they have had a home inspection from an inspector who didn’t know what they were looking at. It is not feasible for me to take the time and drive to a home to inspect the panels separately. But it is easy enough to inspect panels if I am already doing the home inspection.

InterNACHI’s Ben Gromicko met with the California Energy Commission today to establish a successful partnership in developing new inspection training courses and customized inspector marketing related to solar panel system inspections. InterNACHI will soon be releasing a new online course on inspecting solar panels systems, which will be free and online for all members.

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Bam Ben!!!

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

So, SO excited to have this available. Being a “Green” inspector, it will be such a benefit to be trained in this area and to be able to add it to our services. Thank you for taking the initiative.

Ben/Nick, are you guys working on a SOP for Solar that we can use to create a new template for InterNACHI inspectors to inspect with?

Yes. It’ll take a few months for the online training course and checklist to be developed at the same time.

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So whatever happened to this class?

It’s been two years in the making and still never came out.

Hey Ben,
Are you in California right now?