NexConcepts USB PC NoteTaker Handwriting Capture Tool

Thought this might be useful to some inspectors.

Pretty interesting - Have you used this on a regular notebook, David?

Fine for note-taking but it won’t allow you to print electronic forms, add handwriting, and create a digital PDF without scanning as is the case with the Xpaper digital writing system. Also has not been tested and endorsed by real NACHI inspectors in the field as is the case with Xpaper.

I am sure that yours is a fine product. This one is pretty inexpensive and might be worthwhile for inspectors who are not in need of a system as sophisticated as yours. If this turns out to work fairly well, I can think of a lot of uses for it that the cost of Xpaper would be prohibitive to use. Specifically for use in reporting, there is not doubt that yours is probably a superior product.

If you have some promo materials, a demo, presentation or would like to supply a started system as a door prize for our State NACHI chapter feel free to send me a private message and I will supply my email.

I’ll let you know.


Just didn’t want to leave the impression that Xpaper is expensive. $224.10 with the NACHI discount including digital pen, software, and paper. It eliminates the need for multi-part forms and scanning.

In your faq the question is asked: “Can I print an regular paper?” The answer said no, but I’m not sure if you were referring to printing as one writes on it or printing as output.

The form is printed on special paper and written on as any other form. Attached is a document on how it works. The paper costs 15 cents per sheet in the smallest quantities and eliminates the need for multi-part NCR forms. 100 sheets are included in the kit. The completed form can be stored digitally, searched, and emailed as an attachment rather than mailed or faxed.

Along similar lines:

Interested in any feedback on these products!


I don’t know what the differences are in all these products, but I’d like to have this stuff explained to me in basic Neanderthal terms-
Here’s another . . .

There are a lot of similarities between the note-taking products. The difference with Xpaper is that it allows you to print the electronic versions of inspection forms, contracts, etc., and take a clipboard, the forms, and a Logitech pen out in the field. When you return, you dock the pen in its cradle. The pen will then download PDFs of all of the forms plus added handwriting. Nobody else allows you to do this.