Nice Camera App

Started using an app today called Open Camera, from the Play Store. Let’s you mark your photos with your company name, date, time, and GPS coords. The coords part could prove useful should the need for legal documentation arise. Brings validity to a photo.

Can set to low res too so you’re not waiting forever for pics to move to your software of choice.

Have fun, be safe.



That sounds like a handy app. I wonder if they have an api so we all could bug our home inspection software companies to integrate it

I use a similar app called TimeStamp for my radon testing. Once I set up my monitoring equipment, I take a photo and adds the date, time and GPS location of the equipment. When I return to pick it up, I take another photo. As you said. it’s great verification tool for your clients…and your record keeping.

Robert !
Tried your Open Camera App from Play Store ! It Didn’t perform like I thought ! I Could not find any Option to enter a Separate Name for Each Photo ! Doe’s let you add a Common Name to Every Photo, I suppose that could be a Company Name ! Can add Date, Time & GPS, ! But what I was Looking For, was a way to Label Each Photo with the Name of the Item in the Photo ! Anyway, Thanks for Sharing ! Byron Scott, AAA Integrity Certified Professional Inspections !

Hi Byron,

I use my company name. My reporting software (horizon) let’s me label photos as I enter them into the report. So that wasn’t an issue for me. Kinda nice but the photos are limited to 200 per report. I asked their customer service how to override that. They told me to do a second report. Ugh…

Hi Robert !

Thanks for the Reply, I have considered Horizon Software as an Option, It appears to be a Complete Program for Report Writing, How do you like it ?

So far it’s ok. The scheduler you have to manually set the date even after clicking on the time slot. Figured that one out after a couple quick catches by clients. That and the 200 photos limit. I like pics. Lots of pics. I seem to be having to sacrifice some of the story telling with larger homes. Or maybe I’m just too picky?

I want to say it’s around 700 a year. I got the first year for free as part of the training program.

Produces a nice report though. All online based and customizable.

I’ve never seen anything else so I can’t compare. Bit of a learning curve to it though.

Thanks Robert ! For the Quick Reply & Info ! Nice communicating with you ! I appreciate it ! Byron Scott !

Usefull app for apple

Apple has lots of useless stuff!

Oops, sorry, read that wrong. :wink: