Nick directly promotes InterNACHI members to consumers on Radio America.

Please listen to my upcoming interview on Radio America where I explain the importance of using solely InterNACHI inspectors.

Nick’s show airs at 3:00 pm Eastern this Sunday.

You can also listen to Nick’s show next week by going to You may download and save Nick’s interview (post it to your own site if you’d like!) or listen to a podcast at after next week.

The interview which directly promotes InterNACHI members will be carried by over 400 stations across N. America.

Well that is a start, thank you Nick.!!

I normally don’t post all that Nick stuff, but I did it today as a special gift to you Dale. :wink:



Marketing isn’t about waiting for the real estate market to recover or about someone to come to a website.

Marketing is about takin’ it to 'em!

It is why we do, why we have InterNACHI booths at hundreds of events a year , year after year, why we will be on 400 radio stations on Sunday, and why we’ll be in the New York Times next week.


Tell us about being in the New York Times next week.

Thata boy, Nick!

When the going gets tuff, the tuff get going, right Nick?

Sock it to em!

Nice work.

Marcel :):):smiley:

The NY Times article may get delayed now what with 3 billion shares traded today. Hard for little ol’ me to compete with the stock market and Sarah. The article is written though, promotes the heck out of InterNACHI members, and is waiting for a slow news day.

Thanks Nick.

Keep it up,your the man!!!
the more inter-NACHI gets noticed out in the industry the better it is for all us members to show them why we are the best
thank you Nick
Allen Cavdek
inspect4u inc.