Nick Gromicko will be in So Cal

Michael Casey will make it worth going to alone.

A few of the other names, humm…well, there is a bar near by, right? lol.

Michael is very good. He has a school in Oceanside.

Michael is very good. He has a hi school in Oceanside.

Ian, there will be a cash bar inside the event this time. But heck there is one down the hall lol

I’ve heard him speak before. I use some of his advice all the time.

With live music!!

You’re on bro!

A couple local vendors have been set for booths

I know what one vendor sells.

Only quad copters will be there, no affiliation on this one Scot.

Are you holding a hard line on this one being an InterNACHI event? Or “World War 2”? I would like to meet up again, but it is coming to San Jose also.

This should be interesting.

This was put together before talk of them joining up. Yes This is a InterNACHI event. It would be cool for some of us to meet up again early.