Nick Gromicko will be in So Cal

Ok the date has been set July 21st 2016 Ontario, **California
**Nick Gromicko on tour. You wont want to miss it.

So is there going to be any difference from last year?

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun, and it was great meeting so many people in person, but…

There was a lot of preaching to choir.

We had discussed before the event that many of us where already certified in IR and would love to get into some advanced IR topics, and yet the IR guy just talked about the benefits of getting certified in IR.

I like Dan, but I’m already a loyal ISN user.
I learned a few advance things from Dom, but, I’m already a HIP user.

So having guys discuss the benefits of products most of us already use wasn’t a huge benefit. And overall, I didn’t really need to go to an event just to hear sales pitches.

I’ll probably come anyway, but I’d be much more enthused if I knew it was going to not just be a repeat of least year.

I know you’re hoping to make this event bigger and bigger, so I suspect if I felt this way, some others did to.

Hopefully it will be bigger this year. I cant guarantee a big change Ian, we are not paying the vendors so how much meat and potatoes they give is up to them. I am looking for a couple different speakers that have not been there before. I am sure there are alot of new inspectors in the California area that would benefit from this, even if they come away with only a few new ideas.

And a NACHI t-shirt.

A NACHI T-shirt? I’m there…

Sit in front Frank, Nick might throw one at ya

Ian I was kind of thinking the same thing, for me I was hoping for a little more education (meat and potatoes). I left mid way through the event because of the sale pitches, got bored and lost interest.

Here are 3 suggestions I think would be great to have at this event (either or all) Electrical, AC/Heating and Pool/Spa

I got crawl gloves last year. Made it all worthwhile. I also got to meet some great peeps in person. Eric among them.

I’m not coming all the way to California to teach a Pool & Spa course. My talk will be all about marketing and growing your inspection business into a multi-inspector firm.

I’ll also be discussing the new Home Inspector Degree you can earn through InterNACHI. Tuition cost for members: $0.00. And how to use that degree as a competitive advantage in the market.

I’m sorry for any confusion, but I never mention that YOU do a Pool & Spa; I mentioned it would be great to have this at this event as there are many homes with pools and spas here in sunny California, and I’m sure there are a lot of inspectors that have little or no knowledge in this field. I was just putting out a suggestion.

Mike drop.

I’ll probably be there, learn a little somthin somthin then go have a couple of drinks in the bar. who wants to join me?

I’ll be discussing the new home energy score program and how it’ll make you 25% more income on each inspection. If there’s time I’ll discuss some new social networking tips and tricks.

Might need to show up for a second year. What will the long distance award be? Needs to be a good one.:mrgreen:

Disneyland tickets?

You may have some competition on that one this year… just sayin’

Airfare home.

Ok. Speakers have been set.

I’ll have a drink with you Mike