Nick is playing both sides of the fence...

Upon searching the internet and trying to find out why our founder and fearless leader will not take the stand with Home Inspectors in Florida to fight a very serious battle that will cause thousands of Home Inspectors to perform their job on a daily basis.

The legisltion will prevent Home Inspectors from using tools, ie, an freakin outlet tester! To determine of something is working properly, to use any type of moisture meter…

Never in the history of legislation that I found was there a system put into place to limit what an inspector CAN do…not a MINIMUM standard, but a maximum standard. Is that what you want?

If that is the case, Joe B was right and they will be a $99 commodity that no one will buy. Why even pay $99 for a guy to walk around and really tell you nothing?

When wondering why Nick won’t help, I came accross this little bit of information

Not only is he taking OUR money, he is taking the CONTRACTORS money and playin both sides of the fence.

He talks a big game here with the “Over my dead body” speech, but to me this says it all…

Thanks Nick, next time please use lube it really hurts.

Russ Hensel

Not everyone is a hungry gnome inspector… :lol:

Nick is successful at what he does. It’s sad that people have to put him down because of it. Hurt people hurt.:wink:

A maximum standard sounds insane and I agree Nick should take a stand on it.
Not sure if he has already.

I know…tat has been my point all along!

Can you imagine, if they tell you what you CAN’T do…

You can;t tell them if something is working properly…LMAO…what is our enitre purpose?

Did you support licensing a few years ago?

Nope…next question

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I still see no tie in with his new endeavor unless it targets Florida.

Blow it out your either Putz Nathan Thornineveryonesass

I have not added to the thread that I said good bye in.

On March 6th of this year Nick made a thread on the contractors association and invited the members to join for free. It has also been discussed on other threads. He was open and upfront in setting this up.

You have been forming your fight against the proposed new florida legislation behind closed doors. You are doing something, kudos. Yet with Nick you expect him to publicly announce what he is or is not doing. Why would he and why should he? Perhaps going public would thwart his efforts. If you really want to know then call him. To use these boards to try and discredit him without proof of any wrong doing is bush league at best.

When looking for help flinging monkey poo is usually not an effective method to use. I hope for the sake of all florida HI’s that this measure goes down in flames and that when all is said and done that it brings our membership together. I am not a florida HI but would be willing to write a few e-mails to help your cause. I am sure others would do the same. What do you guys need if anything from your NATCHI brothers?

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Not flinging money poo, but you have to understand many sit around ad wait for Nick to make it all better. Why would he? Its win win for him no matter what. So why put forth any effort.

Just need to be aware of his intentions and apparently he doesn’t care. Which is OK, but that also needs to be disclosed.

I follow these boards alot and missed where he wanted us to join his contractors association. So maybe others missed it as well and when I talked with people about this , they were also surprised at the assocation.

It is NOT contractors I have an issue with, I feel that the contractors BOARD is the one doing it. The contractors here have been helpful, kind and professional and I am very proud to associate with many of them John, Preston, Jay to name a few…Good guys and always willing to help a brother out…

Wow you are dumber than I thought.:roll:

Read it again slowly.

I believe that Nick is working to do the right thing by HI’s. If I am proven to be wrong down the line then it just proves that I am not a good judge of character. I do have a long run of picking the good guys so I am not too worried.

I am also a believer that you are trying to keep this bad piece of legislation from becoming law. Again if their is anything out of state HI’s can do to help then ask. You might be surprised at the response. What hurts part of the industry eventually hurts us all. I have seen it play out this way in to many other industries not to be concerned.

It is WRITTEN…Its not wether it will be INTRODUCED…it is WRITTEN…we have only 21 days before it becomes enacted and solid.

So its not we are fighting about something that is going to be or not going to be law…its already DONE…they had the meeting and no objections…

I think you guys are getting this confused with licensing. It is two different things, licensing is already there and in place…now the DBPR is telling us what we can and cannot do…two totally different things!

We did ask Nick for help and he said he would email the Florida inspectors… Has not hapened at all. So he is jsut another, shake your hand, kiss your baby and try to screw you over kinda guy…should be a politician…he is of the same breed…