I believe today is your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. Lunch is on me today if you are still in town. Call me if you would like to go. I know a few good places :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Nick

Happy Birthday Nick

Birthday cake.jpg

Happy Birthday to you.

Enjoy your 39th Birthday Nick! (Again) :wink:

Happy B-Day Nick, I hope you have a great day and enjoy it. Best wishes to you and yours and may you have many, many more. !!


Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy B-Day Nick! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys.

Happy birthin’ day!

I thought your birthday was on the 25th. Oh well, whenever it is Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick !

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

I think you are correct, my phone reminded me a day early so I could get his card in the mail.

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick!

happy birthday