NJNACHI New Jersey news.

Thursday is our last meeting before our summer break - don’t miss it! NJNACHI’s August break is around the corner, but first we have our NJNACHI July meeting in Bloomfield.

Our regular monthly meeting will be this Thursday 7/24//14 at our normal Bloomfield location.

Come out to meet your colleagues, commiserate about the season, and get a little education. Our educational presentation will be by Trevor Sherwood, of Pool Operation Management, an NJNACHI Affiliate member. Trevor will have information on pools and pool safety of interest to all home inspectors.

NJNACHI meets twice monthly on the second Tuesday in Medford, and the fourth Thursday in Bloomfield, both at 6:30pm with typically 2 hours of educational presentations at each meeting.

Again, Our next Bloomfield meeting date is 724/14 and the next Medford meeting date not until September 9, 2014.

NJNACHI is looking forward to a successful 2013 - 2015 license period for all of our members.

For applications or information email njnachi@mindspring.com


Given: Edgar Woodson

Meeting Date: July 24, 2014

Day of Meeting: Thursday

Starting Time: 6:30 pm

Place: The Town Pub

       378 Broad St 

       Bloomfield, NJ  

Dinner $25 for members $35 for non members

RSVP to njnachi@mindspring.com