Noisy Heat Pump

This is a 2021 goodman heat pump. Has a slight rattling noise. Doesn’t seem normal to me. Thoughts?

Video 1

Video 2 better to hear

Do not diagnose! Write what you see and hear. “Heat pump has objectionable noise on run / startup. Recommend further evaluation by an HVAC contractor.” Be as specific about the location of the noise as you wish but that’s as far as you go.

Noises in mechanical (rotating) equipment generally indicate failing components.


Not trying to diagnose Bob just trying to learn more for myself

Bob gave you 3 parts in his advice:

  1. Warning
  1. How to report
  1. Defect discernment:

IMO, perfect response to a posting. Nice job Bob.

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Yes perfect for a report.

Did you not read this?

Yes. I was wondering if anybody would have insight on particular sounds indicating particular areas of damage. For my own knowledge. Response is perfect for report as I said.

Could be a number of things from loose housing covers to internal parts making sounds.

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Reminds me of my time as an auto technician. Woman called and said she had a terrible noise under the hood. I said bring it in and we’ll have a look. She held her phone up to the car, can you hear it now? She wanted me to diagnose over the phone.


We’ll see if anyone can pick-up on the sound variation that is of concern to you. For me, it was not discernable from your recording. Might be one of those “you had to be there” kind of situations.

So what Bob was saying is “if you detect unusual noises in mechanical equipment it may indicate failing equipment”.


Do you drive a car/truck/suv?
Have you ever driven down a road and say/ask yourself… “What the hell is that noise”?
Same thing!

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That’s when you reply… “OMG! Sounds expensive! Get it into the closest shop you can get to, right away!”
(Those are the customers you don’t want)!


my goodman ac drove me nuts from the time it was new…called the company that installed it and they said it was all good…called an HVAC buddy to have a look…a few well placed rubber bumpers later it has been quiet as a mouse…sometimes You just have to find the right guy…


That’s what this is about?

What Bob said. He gave a great narrative.