North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Approve InterNACHI Pre-Licensing Course

North Carolina Home Inspector Board approves:

  • InterNACHI’s North Carolina Home Inspector 120-Hour Pre-licensing Training Program; and
  • InterNACHI’s North Carolina Home Inspector 80-Hour Pre-Licensing Field Training Program.

View InterNACHI’s North Carolina Home Inspector Pre-Licensing Programs.


Ben, how’s the field training program work?

We’re looking to partner with a school in NC or with an InterNACHI member who wants to start an inspection school now that we have the approval and all the textbooks.

Yep, I want to more than anything, but it’s not very likely to happen. I was forced to leave my home in (Lake Royale), North Carolina and head back to Virginia. I love Raleigh. Friendlier people in the capital of N.C. than in my home state of Virginia. I am actually considering relocating back to N.C., and if I do, it will be in Raleigh. I’m comfortable driving in the traffic on Capital Blvd & (401) / I-540/ I‑40/ US 1/ US 64 (2-64)/ I‑85/ I‑95/ and everything in between including going (70) to the ocean. I actually learned to drive tractor-trailers, with Future Truckers of America, in Asheboro, N.C. after I came out of the United States Army, as a medic. Therefore, I am familiar with I‑77, as well. Do not get me wrong, I can drive the interstate but I am a good Old Country Boy, who loves to drive them back roads.

I cannot tell you how many times that I drove past the Home Inspection Licensure Board, which is actually in Garner, 5 minutes south of Raleigh. I had my testing dates set up and could have easily met the requirements. I had planned to submit my previous Home Inspection Reports from Virginia, to meet the requirements. Many times, I would just sit out in that gravel parking lot at the Office of the State Fire Marshal, on *Chapanoke Road, before and after I got off work. Home Inspection is in my blood, it is all that I want to do. Being a Home Inspector is just who I am. I came really close to being a Licensed Home Inspector, in North Carolina. The state of Virginia has never required licensing. In fact, when I started in the Home Inspection industry over 18 years ago, I was told by both NAHI and ASHI that I would be Grandfathered in. *

Nick, I cannot change the past and be the proud InterNACHI member, to accept this offer. I wish that I could. I would jump on it in a heartbeat. Whomever, you choose had better do a good job with it or I am likely to be in North Carolina, sooner than expected.

What is your time table for making this happen?

No rush. But our goal this year is to go into any state that is still stuck in the Middle Ages with respect to approving online courses and set up classroom schools.

What about Southwest Virginia? I feel like I’m stuck in the 1930’s. I can’t say that for Northern VA, but I can for the New River Valley.

We want schools everywhere as we are developing more and more courses and course materials for ancillary inspections, real estate agents, lawyers, and contractors.

InterNACHI rocks!!!

Ben, I responded to your email. The thing about partnering with a current school in NC, is there are only 2. The one I currently have my trainees in is part of ASHI and they host annual ASHI meetings. Not sure about the other one. I am hoping one of us CMI’s are able to pickup the torch for NACHI and run with it. This would provide a presence for NACHI, but also much needed competition in NC’s home inspector training and continuing education.


 I hope that you can get it. I wish you well with it.

Stay safe man.

Got your email, Larry. I’m sending you a proposal. Let’s get you set up as a training provider!

Way to go Larry.