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I am thinking about moving to N.C. in the near future and was wondering what the HI business was like there and why I never see any inspectors from N.C.If there are any N.C. inspectors here I would like to hear from you.

Kurt Bliss

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North Carolina has licensing and what seems to be a pretty active state organization.

I have no personal knowledge but can guide you to the web site of the North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector Association

Look up what area you want to move to. Find some inspectors in that area and ask them. I'm sure if you contact some of them, they can give you a lot more information.

I have compiled an extensive list of state associations on the Kentucky Real Estate Inspection Association web site at . Look on the "Inspector Links" page under "State Associations" .

Good luck in your research.

If anybody knows of state associations that I don't have listed there, I'd appreciate a heads up.

Erby Crofutt
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