Not sure need your help

In this recently updated MAIN panel I question for my own understanding the following.

Are the 2 bars for the grounds & nuetrals properly bonded. If so how are the making contact? Is there a piece of conductive material inside the black plastic between the bars?

And the water line ground seemed somewhat small & the exterior seemed kinda sloppy.

I have another question. The outbuilding has a 60 amp fuse panel that has a 40 amp breaker at the house main. (They used a older fused panel)

93707 032 (Small).jpg

93707 044 (Small).jpg

93707 045 (Small).jpg

93707 005 (Small).jpg

Where is the question?

Yes, there is a flat “bar” inside of the black plastic. Was there a main breaker in the panel?

Yes there was a 100 amp main.

Is a 60 amp sub panel allowed to be feed with a 40 amp breaker from the main?

The mains things that stick out to me are the improper connectors on the K&T in the first image, and the GEC not properly fastened to closely follow the building in the third image. There’s a couple other small dings, but nothing to get too excited about.

The funny thing about the knob & tube was half of it was deenergized in the upstairs and half was still powered. The 2nd floor was recently remodeled.

93707 037 (Small).jpg