Now hiring in seattle

If you’re a licensed home inspector looking for more job satisfaction,
more growth potential and more income, 4 Seasons Home Inspections is
looking for you. Our inspectors are rewarded for their hard work — they
earn up to $100,000 a year doing 8-10 inspections a week, and receive
benefits including a company truck, paid time off and more. This is a
great opportunity for candidates who meet the following requirements:
Licensed as a home inspector in the state of Washington.
-Certified with ASHI or NACHI.
-Licensed as a Washington Pest Inspector.
-Willing and able to work 40+ hours weekly, including some weekends;
-applications for part-time work will not be considered.
-Smokers will not be considered.
-Join us at 4 Seasons Home Inspections — the top-rated home-inspection
company in Seattle! Call J. at 206-391-0285 or email

Geez, 100k for 8-10 inspections week. Sign me up! Ill move to Seattle. You must be charging a lot more for inspection than I am. Good for you!

Inspecting at 50% commission approx: $250 x 8 = $2000 per week x 50 week = $100k

If you are Serious Skylar, please call me,

I don’t average $500 an inspection. My 2016 average was $375 per inspection. Sad part is, most agents and buyers always tell me I’m way higher than everyone else.

I don’t like the rain :slight_smile:
Just kidding, thanks for the offer tho, but I need to keep going here in Utah. My business has really taken off this year and I actually might be able to hire an assistant or another inspector as well.

But pot is legal there!

That’s what brownies are for… :wink: