Number of free click-thrus to members' sites generated by InterNACHI tops 3 million!

More than one every 2 minutes.

Nick I have posted this several times, but I actually get many inspections from these clicks, in fact last Saturday I had a nice 700.00 inspection with Radon. I owe you a drink…:cool:


I’ll take a Mexican Coke… it is made with sugar instead of corn syrup.

You got it, :cool:


3.1 million

3.4 million

yes it works.

Several inspections this year through the click through link.

3.5 million:

3.6 million:

Yep, I get my share of these too. Thanks!

3.7 million:

3.8 million:

3.9 million:

Never had a call or lead from these

I’ve certainly had my share!

Yes you did. I can see the consumer click-thrus to your website. You can watch them too from here in live time:

Just topped 4 million: