Nutone/Broan Bath Exhaust/Light/Heater and Loose Cellulose Insulation

Hi All,

Thought i’d share this callout FYI:

SAFETY: Loose cellulose insulation from the attic was observed to be blown out of the ceiling light/fan/heater when in heater mode. This insulation is fire resistant but will burn. Inspector contacted unit manufacturer. They allow the unit to be covered in insulation and have no requirement for sealing the unit against insulation intrusion. However, the technical support person said that covering the holes in the box in the attic might be a good idea and that aluminized duct tape would be an acceptable product to use. The manufacturer’s rep did not seem to be overly concerned about this condition but in the opinion of this inspector the enclosure box on this unit and the one in the other full bathroom should be cleaned and sealed against the cellulose insulation for fire safety.

Did you talk him into it? :sunglasses:

Hi Brian.

In response to “no requirement” i expressed concern. He replied that closing the holes might be a good idea and agreed that my suggestion of aluminized tape would be fine.

I also think it is a good idea to keep the tiny pieces of newspaper from sifting down into the unit from repeated pressurization and vacuum and being blown into the bathroom just as a matter of cleanliness. But as stated, just my opinion.