NY Metro Education Chapter and Long Island Chapter to Host an Web Based Meeting

Greetings New York NACHI Members:

The Long Island Chapter of NACHI and the New York Metro Educational Chapter of NACHI will be hosting an Internet Based Meeting for all NACHI members regarding the future of Home Inspecting in New York and the impact of technology on this field.

We are pleased to provide several valuable tools for those who participate, including course tutorials from Microsoft (which they are making available to small business owners) and the Small Business Administration (again they are making this available to small business owners)

We will have several dates and times to log into the meeting. In order to participate, please e-mail your name, and e-mail address to Len Ungar at allaround@optonline.net You will receive an information packet which will grant you access and a password to the Web based meeting.

Those who participate will enjoy the actual setting, and will benefit from being able to keep the needed software to access the system. This is not a promotion for software, nor will there be a charge for the web based meeting. We want NACHI members to be able to network and learn, even those who are unable to attend an actual meeting.

Remember, sign up with your name and e-mail to Len Ungar at allaround@optonline.net on or before 4-12-06. The web based meetings will be held the week of 4-17-06 on multiple dates and times for the convenience of our chapter membership.

Much luck and success.

Bill Merrell, NY Metro Educational Chapter -and-
Len Ungar- Long island NACHI Chapter

We have had several people sign up to date. This is required in order to receive a pass code to enter the virtual NACHI Chapter metiong…Free. The only draw back. We don’t want any mony, but you have to make you own dinner that evening.

See you in cyberspace.

the platform will be hostd on a new microsoft supported site. The portal will be housed at www.merrellducationcenter.com to benefit the NACHI members and not cause the chapters any expense. Any charges are being donated by Merrell Institute and a service from Microsoft.

This is taking the New York NACHI members to a new level, where education will be instant, meetings will be on-demand, and if you miss a meeting, it will be archived for a period of time so you can still view the important event.

For more information, contact Chapter President, Len Ungar at allaround@optonline.net

Give Len your name, NACHI membership # and e-mail and we will send you a passcode- First come, First srved- we can’t guarante admission for more then 150 participants. Thats why we have 2 weetings for that week- to mak sure everyone who wants to participate, can!