NYS Licensing #

Just a caution to everyone. There have been 2 different stories going around about weather your NY License number has to be shown on your advertisements and your cards. Some have said that you just have to state you are licensed, that is NOT accurate. I just got off the phone with the head of the Licensing Dept and she stated that all of our cards, ads, websites etc. have to include the License Number. And also I have seen some peoples ads saying they are NY State Certified… that is not accurate… you are NY State Licensed. There is a difference.

Dan Osborn
Clifton Park, NY


   Very interesting. Thanks for that great piece of information.

                                                                       Chris @ Home Pro

How does that affect cards, etc. that are already printed? Are these supposed to be usable until they run out, or is this more money the licensing will cost us to print all new stuff, even before we might have needed it?

Adam, A Plus

There are a couple of ways to do it, print up little stickers and attach them to your cards if you don’t like that then go to Vistaprint.com they are very reasonable in my opinion. once you get hooked up with them you get a lot of freebee’s also. Hope this helps.

Regards Len

I just had new brochures printed that have my nys license# on them.
Any of my old business cards I have left I am writing my license# on them before I hand them out. I am also carrying a laminated copy of my 60 day authorization letter from DOS that has my license# and shows I am licensed to perform Home Inspections. I have been showing this to all the realators I deal with so they can recommend me without getting into trouble with DOS.

Thanks Len.

Its not so much that the $45.00 - $50.00 per 1000 is a big deal as much as i hate the waste. Haven’t bothered with brochures in some time so thats not an issue at this time. Adding the # to the computer related stuff is not a big deal either. The stickers are an option i guess, but what a pain in the …

Thanks for the info! Does anyone know what the time frame is for receiving the actual license? I have received the authorization letter, and like many others, am waiting for the real thing.

I don’t think DOS knows , but as the State works sooner or later :mrgreen:

I received my actual license within a week of receiving the authorization letter.

Adam, A Plus

Thats cool :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I received mine two days after the letter. It is possible they might be doing verification.

Yes, They will be contacting you within the next 2 months and asking for you to send them 10 of your reports, this will be a random sample. You will have to send in the 10 they ask for.

At least this was the plan they had last September.

Dan Osborn
Upstate Home Inspection Service
Clifton Park, NY

Can you imagine them in Albany just hanging around a room (all four of them) and using there witty humor in trying to figure out how next there are going to annoy people.

Maybe one day they decide lets do it by the date of birth…

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But on this they can agree, lets not answer the phone !!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh no, I should have said this after I got my paper, hey come on guys it’s only a joke. Aw come on pick up the phone I want to apologize.


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Now ya did it! Bottom of the list.

Adam, A Plus

As a matter of fact…LICENSE REVOKED!!:slight_smile:

I ordered a rubber stamp with my lic. #. I had 1,000 brochures printed in Dec. and am not about to throw them away. I’ll stamp the back of my remaining business cards also.

Now why didn’t i think of that… I have a few rubber stamps with my business address on it. Thanks Bill, sometimes it just takes a smack in the head, i guess.

Adam, A Plus


I used


I’ve used them before and they were great. Good Luck. :smiley: