OACIQ approves InterNACHI as a school for licensed real estate agents in Quebec.

We want every real estate agent on the planet earth coming to InterNACHI’s website… and we’re reaching that goal.

You are working hard Nick and that is the reason I think InterNachi will go to the top after licensing in Ontario.
That also is a nice gesture on your part to really help out in the process of getting InterNachi here in Ontario recognized.
CMI open to all HI’s here was a very wise move indeed and gives you several aces in your Hand.
After all is said and done this will also help those Real Estate Agents trying to get away from recommendations of just 3 HI’s. Something that should be removed ASAP.

We now have many more real estate agents coming to this site than home inspectors. Regardless of what they do here, we use the opportunity to steer them to InterNACHI members in their area. We want every agent in the world to come to InterNACHI’s websites regularly.