Oct 10th TREC Inspectors Committee meeting

I was only able to attend a couple of hours of the Oct. 10th Texas Real Estate Commission Inspectors Committee meeting so I doubt that I will publish any extensive notes from the meeting.

One topic of interest was that I did talk to one of the TREC staff attorneys offline a little about the line item on the agenda regarding a “penalty matrix for disciplinary action”. His idea is that he wants TREC enforcement staff to have the ability to impose either license suspension or financial penalties against inspectors. So then we, or our insurance, would be liable for an inspection error then TREC could fine us $1500 or so ( his number ). I suppose they have that statutory right but I just don’t know about that whole proposal…kinda sucks if you ask me.

The proposed new SOP is still on track to be presented and approved at the 10/27 TREC commissioners meeting.

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