Ohio judge orders town to pay everyone back for camera tickets.

They never did catch me. I’ve driven through that town hundreds of times. :twisted::twisted:

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Speeding motorists looking at $3 million payback in Ohio

Tiny town is ordered to refund drivers caught by speed cameras

February 14, 2017

You’ve probably never heard of New Miami, Ohio, a small town in St. Clair Township, Ohio, about 44 miles north of Cincinnati. New Miami, population 2,249, is making news, though, after a judge ordered the hamlet to refund $3,066,523 worth of speeding tickets.
Butler County Court of Common Pleas judge Michael A. Oster Jr. ruled the town’s automatic speed cameras created an unconstitutional law/ordinance that took people’s money without allowing them the necessary due-process protections. According to the court order, not only does the town’s Automated Speed Enforcement Program eliminate a crucial constitutional right, it’s likely the town knew its actions were unconstitutional. U.S. 127, a north-south highway, runs through New Miami and is the primary location where the speed cameras were located according to the court order. It also says that the town’s contract with camera provider Blue Line Solutions (BLS) required the cameras be in operation for a minimum of 100 hours a month, resulting in the town receiving “unjust enrichment” -– every time a driver was nicked, he was mailed a $95 ticket. The town kept 65 percent and BLS got 35 percent. BLS gave the cameras to the town for free, no doubt thinking the investment would pay off.

Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/car-news/speed-wins-one#ixzz4YlVc8T1B

Extremely difficult to find a Judge in Canada doing that.

Good Judge.

The town should be forced to pay additional fee penalties to those cited based on the same schedule that they would have used to penalize late payers.

Agreed, according to a report today, one of the attorneys is suggesting that the plaintiffs get interest on the fines they payed as well, although I’m not sure if that was part of the Judges order.

Incidentally, the judge in this case is my neighbor.