Due to a malicious email attachment received by one of our Networked Inspectors our computer network has been off line for several weeks.

To prevent further corruption to other systems our communications across the board were taken down.

We went off line to insure that the data between the NACHI System and Our Database were protected.

We went totally off line. Phones, Computers, Modems have been down for several weeks and have been off line to clean and restore our network.

We apologize for any inconvenience to our networked HI’s, NACHI and those that depend on us.

The State Wide June Event in Ohio Has Been Canceled and will be re-scheduled later this year due to our system corruption and scheduling issues around the National Convention.

I am currently looking for Inspectors to join my team, applications and resumes for inspectors that have certification for CMI required to join our team. If you have the qualifications and are interested, please email me complete work history.