Ohio State NACHI Is Back

From the Office of Jeff Judy President Ohio State NACHI

NO, I am not Dead, several ask, what happened?

Events beyond my control kept me away.

Back now with one goal in mind.

Meeting the expectation of being the only Chapter in the nation that achieved the Hall of Fame.

We are going to bring new events and training to all local members and non-members as before.

Stay Tuned.


We may chance the name to NACHIOHIO to clarify that there are no other chapters that can compete with us nationally.


We sent you a NACHI blackberry today. It is live an good to use. Confirm when you get it.

I tried to email you but have a bad email address. What is your current email address?

There are two;

For non-members examinationpro@hotmail.com

For members use contact information

For you Nick, you have it on you replies

Good to see that you are so to speak, back up and running. Lets get this chapter rolling. Welcome back Jeff.:slight_smile:

I should read what I send before I send it, on you’re reply list

It is Great to be Back in the swing of things and functional after all of that stuff, Got wind that someone is trying to start another chapter in Ohio?

Hi Jeff,

Welcome back! The hallmark of a good leader is being able to be away and have things continue to run. The Ohio team did a great job keeping the chapter active but at the same time they never stopped regarding you as their leader. It wasn’t quite the same without you there. The hallmark of a great leader is being welcomed back. You are a great leader. That’s why you are still my hero!

Mine too.

Good to hear your back

Gimme a few months, Jeff; I can send you a live Idaho blueberry.

Welcome back, Lazarus!

I knew a Jeff Judy in Lexington once, every been there?

I am a world traveraler may-be we meet, if not you should come to one of my NACHI events in Ohio, The Best Nationally and meet me there.
Nick and all of the others love to come to my events, Best in Class moving the inspection world into a higher expectation and standard. Consulting fee extra.

Everyone wants an answer for some reason, expecting me to answer to the world.

The phone calls and emails.

What Happened To Me Was Not a NACHI or World Issue.

It was Nick by my side and the contact that Pulled me through those events.

The events in my life changed me forever, I would have been lost if not for Nick, NACHI and my chapter leaders supporting my recovery, some discard, others say things. I for one will stand up now that I can stand up again and walk to say, my eyes are not covered in fog, I can see the past and the future we will build.

Match my stuff and you could become my second, Maybe?

Recived it, lacking capabilities, will endover to overcome issues

Picked several, nice

Got it and getting setting up

Maybe in the summer I’ll travel and come there and we can pick them fresh, the blueberrys are great just before summer, go 4 whelling in the sawtooth?