Ohio State NACHI MEGA Event

APRIL 28, 29
2007 Mid-West Event

Dates Have Been Moved to June 30 - July 1 in order for everyone to attend the National Convention and then attend the best little NACHI events in the U.S. next to the National NACHI Convention, The Ohio State NACHI mini-convention another Grand Event, presented by The Ohio State Chapter of NACHI. Looking forward to seeing you then.

But…if one goes to the www.ohnachi.org site to register one will see dates of April 21 and 22. Is one to suppose those dates are no longer in effect???

I spoke at the event last year or might have been (2) years ago and Mr. Judy puts on a great event. It was my first speaking engagement for NACHI and actually was not my presentation…Did not know what to expect from NACHI at that time…since then my seminar has evolved and is top notch and i thank Mr. Judy and Ohio for giving me direction.

I truly believe it is a event that if you are in the area or close enough to get to…that you should attend it…again great bunch of people .