Ohio State NACHI takes it to a New Level

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To assist the members of NACHI in Ohio when they attend the next one of the Ohio State NACHI Chapter Meetings there will be computer kiosks at the registration tables that will allow attendees to check in and verify attendance.

This pilot program should reduce time waiting in line, reduce errors from manual check in and verify CEU.

This is a pilot program; please allow time as the number of kiosks will be limited.

After arrival at the registration table you will be directed to the kiosks to log in. There will be help on hand to assist you.

Providing your RSVP in advance insures that your name will all-ready be listed, the log in is easy,
Non-RSVP?s and walk-in?s will take longer.

There is something great happing in Ohio; you should be a part of it all. You do not need to be a member of NACHI or the Ohio State Chapter to attend; the meetings are open to everyone.

Go to www.ohnachi.org for details, check out the forum, get involved, and send you?re RSVP in soon to insure your seats at another grand event in Ohio.

Jeff Judy
Ohio State Chapter