Oil boiler combined w/ water heater?

Hello all, I just recently did an inspection and thought I should post something interesting here…it’s an american standard oil boiler, it’s also act as a water heater, so two units in one, there’s also no service tag on here w/ the barometric damper not freely moving…anyone seen this before? any thoughts?

by no service do mean do not use service?
Btw did you see a tprv on it i cant see by the picture.
Also the damper should be straight it is sloping in a downward slope
By the amount of rust in the sight glass it needs service .
Oh yeah where was the expansion tank ?

thanks for the comments Wayne…by no service it means that there’s no service tag, I believe the unit should be service on an annual basis…you’re right, there’s no TPRV, with the sloped damper, I noted that it doesn’t operate freely, but not sure about the downward sloping, there’s no expansion tank because it’s a steam system

the damper should be level or it will not operate the way it should Kinda of a balance thing

I know ther has to be a low water cut off somewhere but i do not see it but with the rust in the sight glass i would say it needs to be drained and flush a few times . I do not suppose they have a chemical feed on it either . I thinking it really need attention.

The sight glass indicates this is a steam system. The expansion tank in older homes may have been located in the attic. Here is a good article regarding steam systems.

I see boilers every day.

This is an older boiler (40+ years) with a tankless domestic hot water supply.

It simply needs servicing.

Here is a picture of an expansion tank for a boiler I found in an attic. The iron pipe is a vent/roof drain. Here’s a pic of the boiler.



Don’t you just love those asbestos covered antiques?