Oil tank sweps

I would add the oil tank serch as a additional service in NJ
My insurance company do not provide this type off coverage.
Please advice.
Andrew Madrawski
NJ Home Inspector

I recommend that you become a competent and experienced home inspector first, then add ancillary services (that you have the requisite skills to offer).

Does your State have requirements for UST services?

And if you can’t obtain the necessary business insurance, perhaps you should think twice.


Unless you got knowledge in under ground tanks and the proper equipment it is most likely not a good idea

Thanks for your advice.
I agree I would never consider to start any sweeps without insurance coverage.

It is never enough knowledge in our business.
I’m pretty comfortable in locating the abandoned tanks. Good equipment helps a lot.
Because of the banks and mortgage requirements most real estate transaction need oil tank sweep. Oil tank, soil testing, removals are state regulated. Locating the UST could be of part of the home inspection.
Missing one could be very expensive.