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What do you usually recommend when you find an oil tank on a house built before 1950?

Take it off the house and put either on the ground or inside.

Seriously though the age of the tank itself is what you should be looking at. In my area you do not want to see a tank more than 10 years old. Of course the condition of the tank (rusting, support, leaks, etc) should also be inspected

Buried Fuel Oil Tanks (Active)

  • Recommend further review and testing of the tank and surrounding soil. Anticipate Repair / Replacement needs.

Buried Fuel Oil Tank (Inactive)

  • Recommend further review to determine that proper abandonment procedures have been employed. Anticipate and Estimate Tank removal needs.

Interior Oil Tanks

Many Insurance Companies take issue with any Oil Tank over 30 Years.

  • Due to the age and/or overall condition of the Oil Tank, further review and service is recommended at this time.

The fuel tank appeared to be in serviceable condition. Steel tanks erode from the inside-out, due to water in the tank, and the inner wall condition can not be visually assessed, therefore we do not guarantee any oil tank. You should ask your fuel oil service company to assess this tank prior to closing.

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