Oklahoma purposed legislation

I just received a letter from the local Home inspectors association about proposed legislation to prevent out of state home inspectors from inspecting in the State of Oklahoma unless their home State does reciprocal licensing and if approved you Kansas HI’s are going to have to stay on your side of the line.:D:D:D

down here, Sooner charm and hospitality have always been suspect… :wink:

Oh thats funny Charley

Why is it that speeding fines double on I-35 after KU beats OU and OSU for the following week after the game??:stuck_out_tongue: Are there actually any towns on the OK/KA border?? :wink:

You should probably remove your KU sticker prior to crossing into OK.

Thats a given, also carry a supply of Okie press n peel decals for camouflage :mrgreen:

That would sure rule out Texas / Okie relations.

Texas requirements for licensure are so much stiffer than Okies.

KS could sure recipricate with Okie IF the OKIE’s would adopt mandatory E&O or similar AND agree to have no language that limits their liability to UNDER $10,000 per inspection. Cool …

Why do I feel “Fence Me In, Fence Them Out” in the Air.

Include Commercial and or Thermal infrared Imaging they have no fences;-) Oh BTW Good fences have always made for good neighbors

Reciprocity has to do with the state excepting the requirements from another state that has similar or equal license requirements. Then this allows the person to apply for a license in the reciprocating state. The requirements usually deal with education and testing. All other requirements such as insurance still have to be met.

TX is looking into reciprocity from what I understand. Now that TX is redoing their home inspector exam it might be possible for them to peruse this. It is still a couple years away, but I have been told it is in the long range plan.

With the Texas Stds being so tied into codes and their state promulgated report format, I feel they’ll always need a specific Texas test. AND not be able to use the type of Tests that the NHIE and NAHI promulgated state licensing tests utilize.

Not to worry too much, Charley. You will be out of business anyway soon, or your realtor spouse will have to quit the real estate business. Too many ethics violations if your laws go through. Read the Kansas bill carefully. This is why home inspector laws nationwide are getting attention. The Kansas bill is going back to the legislature, where the RE will try to re-write it again, for the umpteenth time. Many areas of the bill are unconstitutional, but section 9 I bet will stay. We will see. Careful.