Old roofing should be removed

Never mind, I was just venting out loud.

So what’s the dilemma? Your job is to identify defects which you clearly seem to have done. Either the seller will buy the house or the they wont based on your findings its not your problem.

Nathan I wouldn’t fret or worry too much about it. It’s not your fault the roof is in that condition. Just report what you observe and let the appraiser decide whether it fails or not.

More then two layers is a no no, it has to go.

Why are You talking to the appraiser ? Were You hired to do a home inspection on this property ? If so what did You put in Your report about the condition of the roof ?

Because the appraiser told the agent to get someone to do a roof inspection, and that would be me. He wanted a second opinion, I assume

Yeah, that is what I planned on doing, I was just kind of venting aloud and it wont allow me to delete the post, thanks

It varies with area. Around here 1 is the most allowed.

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