Older AO Smith water heater serial number

Numbers aren’t jiving with my codes. Would it be '87 or '78?

Serial #: 87C-K-78-44070


I agree, that serial number doesn’t look right. Do you have a photo of the label?


AO Smith - **Can be confusing; digits may be comprised of letters & numbers. May be one, two, or no letters.
If two letters first, next two numbers are year.
If one letter first, followed by two numbers and another letter, next two numbers are year.
If one letter first, next two numbers are year, providing no letter follows.
If two numbers first, this is year.


Gary’s on top of it.

hello gentlemen, does anybody have a clue about age based on this serial number 76070-2K01046??

thank you

Who is the manufacturer?

manufacturer : AO Smith, serial number 76070-2K01046

Got a pic of the Data plate?


Can anyone help me figure out the manufacture date of this AO Smith water heater?


So, it’s still going strong after 44 years. That’s pretty good, right?