Older Carrier age???.

Trying to decipher the Serial Number with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I already tried the cheat sheet phone numbers previously listed for Carrier and they are closed.

System Manufacturer: •Carrier Gas, forced air furnace

•Model # 58GS050-2 •Serial # P1C03651

ANSI is 1978

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There is also an outdoor Carrier A/C unit…
•Model # 38EB024300•Serial # X073772
Any help with the age of this Air Conditioner would also be appreciated.

Hopefully this works**Answer:
**The following will explain a Carrier serial number sequence.

NNNNANNNNN This serial number format was used in the 1970’s through current. The first 4 numeric characters are the week and year of production. For example, a unit that came off the line on March 25, 1999 would begin with 1399, week 13 of the year 1999.

ANNNNNN This serial number was used from 1969 to 1990. The first alpha character is for the month of production.
A-M = Jan-Dec 1969-1979
N-Z = Jan-Dec 1980-1990
‘I’ and ‘O’ are not used
The second digit, a numeric character is the production year
The balance of the numeric characters are the production sequence
e.g., A912345…this serial number would be a unit produced in Jan 1969
P512345…this unit would have been produced in Feb 1985

I’m getting…

Carrier Furnace
Model # 58GS050-2 was manufactured in 1978-1981

Carrier A/C unit
Model # 38EB024300 was manufactured in 1982-1983

Thanks Ron… This is just what I was looking for. According to the aging convention you provided the systems in question are:

Furnace built in February 1981 and A/C unit built in October, 1980

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Same code is good for Bryant, Payne, Day and Night. -Kent