On Demand Hot water heater next to service panel

Hi guys one other question on this if you don’t mind. When looking at the electrical panel 30”clearance, I found this article and thought I would run it by you.
It was the first I have heard this. I think internachi just says 30” but I always assumed it was from one side of the panel to the possible obstruction.
This is a VERY misinterpreted section of the code, especially by lay people and home inspectors. Most homeowners and likewise simply think a water heater cannot be near a panel, for what reason I don’t know.

Basically, the panel can be anywhere in the 30" width working space. There is no mention of center of the panel or otherwise. Meaning, the panel can be at the extreme side of the 30" space as long as the space is clear for 30".

Here is a clear graphic from ©Mike Holt:

enter image description here

Did you read post #2? :woozy_face:

Yep, you got that description correct, Jason. :smile:

Just reread it . Thank you!

Thanks a lot!! Looks like I need to slow down a bit in reading my research! Learning a good lesson here!

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Is there another closet in the bedroom?

Yes, there is another closet in the bedroom for clothes. This looks like it used to be a clothes closet turned into a utility closet. The bed is just a few feet away and so concerns about ventilation of course. There are no vents in the closet. This scenario has been a pretty good learning situation for me.

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Bedroom does not require a clothes closet. Get over it, you keep confusing others.

What is this guy after, anyways?

Nobody really knows, not even the guy upstairs.

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Who said that it did?

You did by asking if there was another closet. Even if there was no other closet, the code you posted still does not apply. Just stop already.

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You are nasty. Did you ever think that the point was to let ‘other’ inspectors know that the utility closet can not be use as a clothes closet? Maybe they should inform the buyer of that?

I never said that it was a material defect. If no other closet was present I can bet you that the utility closet would be used as a clothes closet. Didn’t someone post a picture of a shelve screwed into a panel recently?

What’s wrong with clothes in the electrical closet as long as the front of the panel has clear access to the panel front.?

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Most on demand water heater vents are going to have a zero clearance to combustibles requirement. The concentric direct vent addresses it internally. The only place to find the correct answer for these listed appliances is in the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Always record the make/model so that you can research.

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Fuel gas code. I knew that I had a picture

Great! When someone posts asking about a non-direct vent appliance, you can trott that out, but it doesn’t apply here.


Chuck do you know something that we don’t know?

Simon, I haven’t seen a bunch of on demand water heaters.

Why did you say “From the looks of it, this is not a direct vent unit…”?

What do you see that leads you to think that?


Post #6, it says so right in the manual (the same one you posted link to) it’s not a direct vent unit (unless OP gave wrong model # in post #4)

PS: are you trying to get out of the healthy habit :laughing: