One GEC at Exterior and Water

They installed the Exterior and the water using one ground wire.

The exterior passes thru the rim joists and is connected at the water line and then enters the panel.

There should be two correct. One for water and one for exterior.

The exterior faucet is you guessed right above the panel.

Here is a better picture.

There is only one GEC.

There is only one GEC.

What I see will be no problem but if that is an underground water line then the connection will be required to be somewhere within the first five feet of water pipe that enters the building.

If this is within the first five feet of water pipe that enters the building and the conductor is the correct size then there would be no problem with the installation.

If there is no metal underground metal water pipe and the conductor is just bonding the interior pipes then the installation would again be alright even if it is not within the first five feet of entry.

If the service is 175 amps or smaller then the #6 bare conductor is of the proper size.

I’m not following your terminology. What is “the exterior”?

I think he means ground rod.

hmmm…Guess the installer did not understand the requirements of 110.26 in regards to dedicated equipment space either…

if this ground connection is to an outside faucet it deserves a comment. There is teflon tape that conceiveably isolate the freeze proof faucet from the rest of the house’s copper. Wouldn’t that in essence just be bonding the faucet?