Opening a new restaurent

Capitalism knows no bounds and is America’s real religion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello, I, too, own a restaurant. I believe you should consider investing in a high-quality industrial freezer. There is always the possibility that bacteria will destroy the food or components… and it is not always easy to maintain things fresh and safe all of the time. So having a good freezer will reduce safety issues. Always go for the best; otherwise, you can’t be sure that the food within is safe. Not only should the refrigerator be of high quality, but so should all of the appliances you intend to purchase.

And look out for Gorden Ramsey in disguise !!


The latest thing these days is the “Celebrity Chef” game. Get a guy or girl with some TV fame to slap their face on the place and people stream in. After all, people have their faces buried in The TV or FB/Twitter all day and night so why not give your money to the guy you see on TV… who has probably never even stepped foot on the property, fwiw.