My First Commercial Insp. Tomorrow

I have never done one, but I could not pass up the opportunity. It is a restaurant w/ kitchen, 1850 sq. ft., don’t know how old. Any tips or advice would be great.

Stephen if send me your email address I’ll send you a few things to look out for.


Be sure to disclaim the kitchen refrigeration, cooking equipment and commercial grade dish machines. These areas should be inspected by commercial food equipment service companies like Hobart, etc;

Disclaim the Ansul fire supression system.

Pay special attention to bathrooms as plumbing leaks are common. Restaurants generally don’t fix squat unless forced to.

Should I disclose any obvious issues with any equipment?

That was fun, a nice change of pace from residentials. Thanks for your help.

Well, besides being fun, how did it go for you?

Any pictures?

Built a few in my career, so I am here with arms open for any help in the future. :):wink:

Glad things went well. Even though I know how to inspect and repair restaurant appliances/refrigeration, as an inspector I stayed away from the equipment. It is not part of a building inspection. When booking the restaurant inspection I always recommended hiring a cooking equipment/refrigeration service company for the kitchen equipment.

Good advice Erol.:slight_smile:

What I really enjoyed about this is that it was not compartmentalized like a house and the restaurant was open at the time so it was hectic but not frenzied. It was also a fairly old building probably 1950’s so there the usual electrical, HVAC, plumbing issues from a half century. My client did not care about the freezers, stoves etc. so disclaiming them was no problem. The a/c was in really bad shape. The two lowers supports for the fan motor had deteriorated and the only thing keeping it up was the drive belt. Overall it was a fairly easy inspection so it was a great way to get my feet wet.
I haven’t figured out how to attach photos yet.