Orange-Red Piping

Has anybody seen this type of Poly before.



Could be a form of PEX,

Gary, I agree it looks like Pex. Supposed to be good stuff.

With copper connectors like that.

Her’s a pic but not sure it’s copper.




Used in 95%+ of new housing in my area. Seems to have very few problems.

It’s looks like PEX. Connectors can be either brass or copper.

A PEX type pipe with what looks like a Poly fitting AND am I seeing wrong or is it going to steel before entering the wall.

This looks like the PEX pipe designed for radiant floors. It’s designed to be able to make more acute bends than normal PEX and has a brick-red color. It’s also fine to use to plumb normal water pipes. I bought a 250 foot roll to install in a small slab a few years ago and have been using the 20 feet I had left over for repairs.
Jamey Tippens
Hillsborough, NC

Also, it looks like they used copper colored Quest pipe rings. They should have used black ones on the PEX, and they should have had a copper or metal pipe connection for the last foot or so to the water heater rather than plastic.

I believe they’ve marketed it as “Dura-PEX”. It’s able to withstand 100 PSI @ 180 degrees F.