Oven extension cord

It appears as though the ovens power supply cord is also connected with an extension cord. I believe that fixed appliances should not have any extension cord. Am I incorrect on this assumption?

That is correct for an electric range if that is what you are asking.
Electric Range - 220 - 240 volt, 60 hertz, properly grounded circuit with 40 amp breaker or fuse protection with #8 gauge wire. With a 50 amp breaker, # 6 gauge wire is required.

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What is it for a light or clock?
The only thing maybe wrong is the type of cord…but really?
I wasn’t there, I don’t know anything.

It is a stand alone stove top and I assume the plug was for the spark for the gas. I thought it may have been for the range hood but that had a separate plug.

Huh, I’ll pass on answering :roll_eyes:
Except that you can use a small appliance branch circuit for that.

Why pass on answering? Any advice could help…

What exactly is that? Is it a free standing range?

At any rate, you should verify what the cord is connected to if your suspect a built-in appliance is installed with improper, temporary wiring.

Oh crap I can see the confusion lol. here is what it is

Regardless Adam You can’t use an extension cord for that…


Yeah didn’t think so. Needed to confirm, thank you all

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My opinion is to use common sense. If you use a rated cord what would be the problem?
How many watts can an ignitor use?
No clue where the outlet is. Looks like a lot of slack. :laughing:
I don’t follow NEC code

FYI, the product manual will tell you exactly what you need to know, the info is available online through Whirlpool.
And the cooktop has a sticker with this on it:


And that sticker is on the cord on the floor that we see.

Out of curiosity, do you have any certifications or qualifications to base an “opinion?” Not that you need to be certified to base an opinion. Just wondering what your background or work experience is.

Sorry if I missed it.

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Keep it simple, extension cords are not to be used with anything installed permanently – they are only rated for temporary use.


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Its been there the whole time. :laughing:
Told you I would pass.

That’s the answer. The NEC specifically prohibits the use of cords as a substitute for permanent wiring.


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I thought I explained that sorry.

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