Over spanned deck joists?

A neighboring home is for sale. It has currently been flipped. It was built in the 70’s and the front deck has always looked off to me. The deck is pretty obviously over cantilevered but I am wondering what your thoughts are.

The 2x10 joists appear to be cantilevered floor joists. If I were doing the home inspection I would recommend having a qualified contractor install posts and a beam per current building standards.

Why do you claim its over cantilevered?

I claim I can’t tell if it’s over cantilevered. I’ve heard of the 3:1 ration for total joist length to cantilevered amount. In order to tell I realize I would have to know how far into the home the joists extended.

The ratio of the back span to the cant is 2:1.

If the deck is solid and shows no signs of decay or sagging (deflection) I would not write it up.