overnotched floor joist

This home was built in 1990. This is one of 3 floor joist that were cut like this.
Another instance where those brilliant HVAC guys are showing what they do best again!!!

over notched joist.JPG

I think the best repair for that would be to provide (2X?) placed perpendicular on both sides of the duct. That way the load is being transfered to both joists. Maybe someone has another idea. Raymond Wand Alton, ON

One could also probably run parallel another (2X?) down the centre of the two existing joists to improve it. Not an expensive fix in my opinion. Raymond Wand Alton, ON

Out of curiousity…as HI’s…as I understand it…it isn’t our responsibility to suggest a fix…correct? Even if we know what should be done…should we go out on a limb and make a suggestion, or recommend an eval by a licensed contractor?


Hi Tony,

Good question.

I feel that if an inspector is familiar with various repair methods, learned over the years, and is confident, I see no reason why one should not impart that knowledge to the client. Sometimes it keeps things in perspective for them. If they know it is not a costly fix they are more likely to keep it in perspective. I also believe the SOP state that one can offer such advice if one has the experience.

To me I see to many things that are obvious that do not require further investigation but need replacement/repair/rebuilding. I don’t always think we serve our clients best if we are to quick to always recommend further investigation. On the other hand even I refer to other experts were I am beyond my abilities/experience.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

some well placed bridging will deflect the vertical force to the other joist wkich should be reenforced for.

I never recommend further evaluation. I have all trade experts on staff…recommend, recommend…they wonder why they even hired you.

now I do state hire a licensed professional to make ALL repairs;)

not all of us have a “staff” so we do what we can and make sure we don’t guess on thing we are not experts on and try to guide the client to the right source. beside who want a plumber, electrician, carpenter, mason, roof tech, chimney sweep, boiler tech / HVAC and the butcher the baker and the candle stick maker all wandering there home poking at stuff.???

My standard details provide a head out for this type of situation. Provide Double 2x’s to head out the cut joist and double up the adjacent joists.

In a minor situation like this, I always take the non-alarmist approach.

I try not to tell my client how to repair, I simply tell them how to get it repaired.

I use the following statement…
"I recommend a Carpenter evaluate and estimate costs of repair to notched floor joists over the HVAC ductwork."

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What I see here is to choices.
One= sister the good adjacent joist and provide headers on each side of the duct with joist hangers.
*Two= have the ductwork installed as it should have been initially by providing two 90 degree bends to eliminate notching the joist. Sister the notched joist. *
*I would not always recommend a Carpenter for these repairs for they are a dime a dozen and if they own a hammer, they are considered a carpenter, but not of knowledge in the trade. One out of ten applicants for
Carpenters that apply for my job is hired and does not usually last more that a year. *
*Recommend the fix if you know how or recommend a competent Building Contractor that has a good reputation. *
*Marcel :slight_smile: *