oversized hvac survial tips

What can do if cannot afford to downsize an 50 percent oversized air conditioning unit with regards to humidity removal. Lately my bed room has been getting high humidty. I installed a unit that is 50 percent bigger than the one replace based on a calculated load of 37500. Now since the new unit put in is has been running only ten min and not even pulling humidity. now our energy bills have been up by 15 percent a month. thoughts on alternate bandaid type ways to remove humidity and If a celing fan is good solution. the best solution is also the most expensive one(put it proper sized system). so what can be done to both keep my home cooland not muggy as opposed to cool and muggy

Who sized and installed it?

Buy a portable dehumidifier

…and let the oversized HVAC take care of it’s extra heat. May make it run longer too.

Higher bills is because you have a bigger unit.
750 watts/ton. That is a few light bulbs…

It’s not a band-aid, but you can reduce the equipment capacity with an EPR.

Can you post a picture of the condensate drain pipe setup on your unit?
Do you have a heat pump or gas heat on this system?

You might have a condensate drain setup that leaves lots of water blowing around the coil while the fan is running. This is very common and can be corrected easily. I see this about every day.