Padded walls?

Check out this strange room. In a repo.

By chance is this Brian Kelly’s house?:smiley:

One of two things…They had a kid with drums or that’s my ex-wife’s house.:mrgreen:

Are those finger/‘claw’ marks on the walls?


Nah, that room is built for old home inspectors

Home recording studio, probably.

That’s not sound proofing material…look more like some sort of felt.
If they are using it as such then they are pretty stupid…but then again, each his own.

Look like the adjacent room is a kitchen that dates back to the late 1960’s or early 70’s… at least with that awful looking floor.

Nope, it’s Kenn Lott’s. Those are lead liners. After all, you don’t want to wear your tinfoil hat indoors too!

upholstered walls are not uncommon in higher end properties
choice of materials is very subjective, imo
moisture can be a problem on older uninsulated walls

Well, not ezacly high end propertee, Barry. Window had velcro to seal out light, strange stain on the floor, maybe a darkroom

goth kids

my stepson tried his hand at this for about a year everything in his life was dark and black

he hated when he had to 3-coat his bedroom to get rid of it


Crazy, either way sound insulation or decrative art they were not in the the best mind frame!!!