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I saw a help wanted ad on craigslist for disaster inspectors. The inspectors works as an indepedent contractor for FEMA, inspecting houses damaged by disasters. Apparently a pocket PC with a checklist on it provided.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is it a good gig?

Do a search on the old message board. There is a lot of information there.

Jim you take a live course then a on line course,and go on a list for something like Katrina you go pay your own travel & lodging etc I believe it was $45.00 per house x quota per day

Took the class. If you have nothing better to do for a month i guess its ok but!!!

Ahhh…now I remember where I saw something about it…at the bottom of the NAHI “Benefit” page on their website…:roll:

Concerning Parr vs PB disaster inspections, I worked for PB on the last disaster in Galveston. I stayed in a tent city and met some who worked for Parr. Based on some comments they did not organize the claims as well as PB and some said they did not pay out as well. The support from PB was great and it was my experience that If I needed supplies or other support it was available. If you plan on contracting with a disaster service be prepared to work seven days a week and pay your expenses even if you are waiting for new assignments. If you can share expenses with some one else it really is better. I averaged 10 inspections a day Wind Driven rain some did less others were able to do more.

I’m checking out PaRR but what does PB stand for & what do they do?

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PB, Parr,

Wow, haven’t they been paying around $50.00 per month for the last 10 years or so and no expenses ??. Whew whoo !!!, this must be a ministry, or something to do if your wealthy and bored;-). I wonder how much PB makes per inspection ?? C’mon does anybody out there think just maybe they ought to pay a tad more ?? Have you seen the prices at the grocery lately ?
Would love a reply from a PB guy on this


Darrell’s Home Inspections

Depending upon what you are able to handle. these inspections are booked up to 10 per day. PaRR guy who taught my class said to expect an average of 6 per day, and you work a 7 day week while with them.

This would be $2100 per week (based on 6 per day…not 10) and your living expenses are your own. PaRR pays to get you there and get you home. Everything else is up to you.

It’s not for everybody.

I worked for Parr in new Orleans, I did 16 inspections one day, mostly about 12, but the days are very long, 12 to 16 hours each day. It depends on how organized you are and how close together the jobs are, on my best day, all jobs were within about ten miles, round trip. They do a good job of trying to keep all of your jobs fairly close together. But I must be honest, it can be very stressful work, they have a lot of issues with getting work from Fema, there were a lot of people who complained of having to wait four or five days for work, but I did not have any problems like that. They are very good about paying you on time, but you will have a hard time finding anywhere to cash the checks, unless you are one of the first, the bank or Walmart computers automatically reject any Parr checks, because it looks fishy for that many at one time from the same company. The best way is to select electronic deposit, and to have a Debit or Credit Card. BTW, the pretraining classes you go to leave a lot to be desired, but they will train you onsite, by having you inspect close by so you can bring the computer back in, after every four or five jobs, and an experienced inspector goes over your reports with you and corrects any mistakes before the reports are turned in to Fema. PAY ATTENTION to this part, Fema will penalize you per mistake, anywhere from $10 to $50, on every report they send back for correction, hence the reason why the onsite training is so important! They were advancing inspectors $1,250.00 before you ever do an inspection, to help you get through the training period, however, there were so many people down there who just took the money and left, they were talking about stopping this practice. One other thing, they withhold 10 of your pay every week, until you build up enough to cover the price of the equipment they provide,(Computer - $3,000 Camera - $75.00 plus cords, chargers and such) Kenn

I worked with PARR during Katrina and the California wild fires. I got called at least 4x last year but was too busy to go. Lots of good info in the posts. I did 23 inspections one day but averaged 13 over a 7 week period. If you can afford not to take the advance pay when you get there, DON’T, I ended getting my advance pay 3-4 weeks after I arrived.

It is really up to you, how many inspections you do but they expect you to do 6-8 a day. You schedule your own appointments. I used a 2 hour window with overlap, and many days I did 15-20. The only reason I averaged less was they weren’t downloading enough inspections to my computer and I’d sit around a day and do only 2-4.

Once you do this a couple of times, you’ll see the same people and will be able to share hotel rooms which will cut down on the costs. I retired from the military so I was able to stay at the military bases cheap and also sponsored other inspectors.

I worked for the SBA in Florida after the 4 huricanes, I believe that was 2003. My title was a loan loss verifier. They trained me and provided me a company car and credit card. All my expenses were paid. This department for the Small Business Administration use to be in Niagara Falls. They have since moved to Virginia, I think. I was paid hourly at a very fair rate. I suggest you look into this before working for these people. Some of the other posts are correct regarding time frames and being on call.

**We are very disappointed home inspectors that got burned **

The truth about PaRR Inspections

After completing the workshop Parr will have spin your wills.
You will spend a lot of time and money for finger prints background check etc.
After a year or two, you may be deployed if you are deployed:
This is what will happened.

First you will arrive at the airport you will not find a hotel or a car to rent you will need to arrange it in advance DO NOT book the hotel for a long time you will be moving soon.
Remember this is a disaster Zone all the hotels and cars are booked prepare to pay $50.00 a day for your car and $80.00 a day for your hotel.
When you arrive at the Command Center it will be a Zoo.
You will need to wait for the next workshop (about 3 Hr.)

After completing the workshop they will send you to another workshop now with the computers and a test.(About 3 Hr.)

After completing the computer workshop you will need to stand in line by a trailer outside to get your own computer and a NEW budge. (About 2 Hr.)
When you get your computer it will not be ready and you will need to perform the preparations and set-ups procedures to be able to download any work.

Your First day is GONE.

Next after your setup is done you will receive 3-5 applications you will need to contact the applicants, set up the appointments and do the inspection. But only 3
At the conclusion of your 3 inspections you will need to return to the Command Center to be evaluated. It will most likely be one or two Hrs drive and one or two Hrs waiting for the next supervisor. (Remember it’s a Zoo) about 1,000 to 3,000 inspectors running around with computer in a large hotel convention room.
The supervisors will neat-pick your work, will ok it or may send you back for corrections

Remember you will have only scratched the surface after attending a one- or two-day workshop. Your real training will be in the field. Even after several inspections you will still be learning. FEMA is constantly changing their guidelines. It is practically impassable to get any help from the trainers you are always on your own and will be corrected by the quality control agents in Virginia you may be humiliated for being so misinformed.

Don’t expect any help in the field these people don’t answer their phones

PaRR is deploying too many inspectors in a way that makes it hard for the inspectors to earn money. If you lucky you will have 5 – 7 inspections in the first day and it will taper off daily.
Remember it will cost you about $200.00 a day with at list 2 – 3 days wasted (definitely the first and the last)
We are very disappointed home inspectors that got burned

BEWARE of Parr Inspection. It’s a scam. I was deployed to NY with the promise of 10-15 inspections per day. The truth? 3 inspection per day. I was there 3 weeks, made NO money. All the money that I made doing inspections went to paying for car rental, hotel, and meals. Parr had maybe 1,000 inspectors, and there were not enough inspections to go around. I’m sure that the “friends” or “more experienced” inspectors were getting their 10-15 inspections per day. It was the biggest waste of time. I paid to be away from home. The worst part, is that they kept me in the dark, and would occaisionally send a message promising that more inspections were coming. They strung me along until they ultimately cut a number of inspectors. I have never felt so used. I heard that FEMA pays Parr over $500 per inspection, then Parr pays the inspector $57. All they pay for is your airline ticket to get to the disaster, then you’re on your own, so as long as they give you 2 inspections, their cost is covered. Make sure that if you plan to go to a disaster, you are not giving up any other opportunity, because it is NOT what they promise.